How do we get Bitcoin to the mainstream?

Bitcoin already has a PayPal integration, an international banking platform and a very attractive logo. Regulators have taken advantage of the digital currency and a growing number of merchants are already accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Even the biggest supporters of Bitcoin know it will be a long way. Curtis Fenimore’s attempts to make Bitcoin more widely known have stalled. Fenimore has used the good old method of posters to draw people’s attention to Bitcoin. Unfortunately only with a smaller success than expected, says Fenimore.

So the majority of mankind still has no clue what cryptosoft is

“We still have a very long way to go,” Fenimore says. The perception problem, however, has more to do with depth than width. Bitcoin enthusiast Erik Voorhees said in a conversation that half the people he spoke to have heard of cryptosoft, but only a very small percentage of people understand what it means. More about it here: Cryptosoft Review 2018 » Full Scam Check

That’s normal, Voorhees said:
“It was exactly the same with PayPal and the Internet. People had heard about it and only an approximate idea of what it really is before they finally tried it out.”

The learning curve for the crypto trader

So how can you educate crypto trader who have only heard of Bitcoin but don’t know exactly how the digital currency works? We are still in the speculation phase where people hope to make fast money. This early and immature phase of digital currencies can turn out to be advantageous, onlinebetrug said about crypto trader.

Gradual price bubbles have an effect also called “flood theory”. When prices rise, people wake up and sense the potential to make fast money. It may only be a short-term reaction, but such price movements always attract new followers.

When the price drops again, some will retreat, but some will stay and those are the ones who deal with Bitcoin and know what is behind it. With every big price movement and bubble, the number of people who will use Bitcoin as a means of payment in the future increases.

Where does the motivation come from?
What about the people who are not investors? Quite normal citizens who have it hard to make ends meet alone? The Bitcoin community has big problems to arouse the interest of these people.

If we leave out the political and ideological arguments, since they are anyway hard to communicate to busy parents with 3 jobs, there is still the “Why should I use it problem”. Many people love their credit cards or cash. They simply wonder where the benefits lie and why they should pay with Bitcoin.

“There are many possible uses for Bitcoin, but none have yet captivated the public. There is no “killer app” yet, says Voorhees.
However, the recently appointed director of the Bitcoin Foundation said these applications are coming to market so slowly:

“There are more and more blockchain applications that solve people’s real problems. This will increase adoption and have a positive impact on the entire Bitcoin industry.

Of course, this assumes that an average Joe or Jane has at least a vague idea of what the blockchain is and what a Bitcoin wallet is. This is a process that the Bitcoin community is currently working on, according to “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver.