Worst share price performance: EOS

The EOS share price has been in a downward trend for some time now. It has now been below the EMA100 for about a month, and since the big price drop it is now also below the EMA50 and the EMA840 in the long term. Although the price was able to hold above the downward trend existing since the beginning of 2018, it has been moving sideways since then.

The negative, but rising MACD and the RSI at 48 together with the price and trend speak a neutral to bearish language. Support is described by the weekly minimum. The resistance is defined by the EMA50.

Stability of the Bitcoin revolution

The market capital of NEO and Cardano continues to be very closely linked, so that a rise from the Cardano price or a fall from the NEO price by 0.7% NEO would result in such a Bitcoin revolution. Stellar is also only 5% behind the two crypto currencies of the Bitcoin revolution. Like last week, Monero and EOS separate 1 % of market capital. After all, DASH is only 4 % away from a place in the top 10. Unless the crypto currencies continue to synchronize, the structure of the top 10 may well change.

Winners and losers in the Bitcoin loophole

On average, all Bitcoin loophole crypto currencies have fallen by 18% as seen on: http://www.onlinebetrug.de/en/bitcoin-loophole-scam. The majority of crypto currencies therefore performed worse than Bitcoin this week as well. Within the top 100, the balance is even clearer: there, prices have fallen by an average of 19%. Of course, there were still some crypto currencies within the top 100 that performed significantly better than Bitcoin or Litecoin. NEM was even able to show a price increase of 16 %. Nexus was even able to show a price increase of almost 70 %. The presence of the NEM team at various blockchain-relevant events and the resumption of business by Coinchecks certainly did the NEM course good. Although the NEM rate would still have to rise by 20% to reach the top 10, this would be quite manageable.

The losers of the week are IOS Token and GBYTE, who had to cope with price losses of well over 30%. Although ZClassic was able to temporarily double its price last week, everything suggests that this was a Dead Cat Bounce.

Bitcoin Private, the crypto currency that emerged from ZClassic, has been listed on several exchanges since yesterday and is currently trading for 64 euros. With a supply of 18.5 million euros, the total market capital would be 1.2 billion euros.

Only 3% of the crypto currencies in the top 100 have recorded positive price developments this week. Altogether, however, 75% show a worse performance than Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s market share has risen accordingly from 41% to 42%.