Mt. Gox: “Bitcoin market crash not our fault”

The crypto exchange Mt. Gox denies that it is partly to blame for the fall in the exchange rate of the crypto currencies. Mt. Gox had sold in the past winter Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in the value of over 400 million US Dollar. Parallel to this, the Bitcoin loophole share price fell in several […]

The background of the Polish anti-Bitcoin campaign

Earlier this week we reported on the grotesque “educational campaign” of the Polish central bank on Youtube. The video, which is supposed to warn of the dangers of crypto investments, has made a big splash. Now we want to take a closer look at the background and motives of the video and Poland’s attitude towards […]

Investment and 51 Percent Attack: The Fundamental Value of a Crypto Currency

As the recent discussion about a 51 percent attack shows, security will have something to do with it. A study by Husam Abboud tries to create such an index. In an article on June 2, we discussed the “investment case” of 51 percent attacks. We presented page 51crypto, which calculates the cost of a 51 […]