Wie kann ich Dateien in Windows 8 synchronisieren?

Sync ist eine Abkürzung für Synchronisation, die Koordination von Ereignissen, um sie rechtzeitig zu halten. Die Ordnersynchronisierung ist ein Prozess der Replikation der Ordner mit anderen Speicherorten, um diese zwei oder mehr Speicherorte mit den gleichen Daten zu erhalten und sie neu erstellte oder aktualisierte Ordner vom Quellverzeichnis zum Zielverzeichnis zu halten. Wenn Sie dateien […]

Handy loggt sich immer aus Wlan aus

Ich habe einen Trick, den Sie versuchen sollten, wenn handy loggt sich immer aus wlan aus. Schalten Sie Ihr Wi-Fi aus. Ich weiß, es klingt albern, aber lass es mich erklären. Hier ist das Szenario: Sie gehen die Straße entlang und versuchen, den Weg in Google Maps zu finden oder Musik zu streamen, wenn Google […]

Gartner study: Old structures stand in the way of blockchain adaptation

The blockchain made it up and down all the news channels. But very few industries and companies rely on the technology. A new study by the market research institute Gartner shows how few there are actually. A classic line of argument at various conferences is the focus on the Bitcoin revolution Often in such lectures […]

Worst share price performance: EOS

The EOS share price has been in a downward trend for some time now. It has now been below the EMA100 for about a month, and since the big price drop it is now also below the EMA50 and the EMA840 in the long term. Although the price was able to hold above the downward […]

How do we get Bitcoin to the mainstream?

Bitcoin already has a PayPal integration, an international banking platform and a very attractive logo. Regulators have taken advantage of the digital currency and a growing number of merchants are already accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. Even the biggest supporters of Bitcoin know it will be a long way. Curtis Fenimore’s attempts to […]

Mt. Gox: “Bitcoin market crash not our fault”

The crypto exchange Mt. Gox denies that it is partly to blame for the fall in the exchange rate of the crypto currencies. Mt. Gox had sold in the past winter Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in the value of over 400 million US Dollar. Parallel to this, the Bitcoin loophole share price fell in several […]

The background of the Polish anti-Bitcoin campaign

Earlier this week we reported on the grotesque “educational campaign” of the Polish central bank on Youtube. The video, which is supposed to warn of the dangers of crypto investments, has made a big splash. Now we want to take a closer look at the background and motives of the video and Poland’s attitude towards […]

Investment and 51 Percent Attack: The Fundamental Value of a Crypto Currency

As the recent discussion about a 51 percent attack shows, security will have something to do with it. A study by Husam Abboud tries to create such an index. In an article on June 2, we discussed the “investment case” of 51 percent attacks. We presented page 51crypto, which calculates the cost of a 51 […]